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Current gifts support the Volunteer Illini Project Club Fund and the OVP Immersion Trip Fund.

Volunteer Illini Project Club Fund

Since 1963, Volunteer Illini Projects (VIP) has given students pathways to participate in community service and explore social issues with other students. They believe change can happen when a group of dedicated students put their minds together, get involved, and stay engaged to finish work. They manage at least ten service projects every semester around issues of youth social empowerment, the isolation of incarcerated individuals and senior citizens, replenishing the blood supplies, supporting youth and service workers in daycare facilities, improving the environmental fortitude of local parks, food security, math/reading literacy, and health needs. They believe every college student can stick their neck out to help after they've considered responsible ways to get involved. Your donation will support VIP in serving students and communities for the next 58 years.

OVP Immersion Trip Fund

The Office of Civic Life (OCL) ran its first service immersions trips in the early 1990s to expose students to communities and nonprofits working in tandem to mitigate hunger, homelessness, and poverty. We have explored communities in the Midwest, the Northeast, and the South to enable students to realize that service is needed everywhere, and people can work with others to uplift people, places, and things. Trip designs empower students to work with others to achieve personal connections, develop new social networks, and perpetuate long-lasting impacts in communities through the values of justice, reliability, responsibility, reciprocity, and self-reflection. Your donation will help students continue to explore critical issues with communities to learn the best ways to join efforts to assist people, places, and things.

Your donation will go directly to the University of Illinois Foundation which then distributes the funds into the Civic Life Fund's account. The Student Affairs Advancement Office notifies Civic Life of all financial contributions. The University of Illinois Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and as such, all gifts are tax deductible.

If you have any questions regarding your gift, or would like to receive further information about ways in which you can give to Civic Life, feel free to contact the Student Affairs Advancement Staff.