Goals & Student Learning Outcomes


Civic Life aims:

  • To provide support, resources, and professional development to student organizations with a service mission.
  • To prepare students to serve WITH communities through using humble practices and sustainable partnerships.
  • To direct students to service-learning opportunities that supports the outcomes of co-curricular education.
  • To create and maintain local, national, and global partnerships with organizations that value student development and transformational learning.
  • To implement programs that coincide with the university’s strategy to boost student affinity for global and civic awareness.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in Civic Life and activities will:

  • Advance in knowledge of global issues and work with others to develop appropriate responses to real-world challenges.
  • Demonstrate readiness to collaboratively engage with communities and landscapes in ways that leave spaces better than they were found.
  • Prioritize reflection on personal, ethical, and civic responsibilities that make them sustainable partners in democracy.
  • Fortify allyship that aids in group resiliency.