Registering is the first step to preparing to vote, and, luckily, that is easier than ever before. You can register online, in-person, or by mail, depending on what documents you have access to. See your options below:

Get Registered

Head to TurboVote and follow the steps to get registered in Illinois or your home state if you are an out-of-state student.

  • Use the address you want to register at. This could be an on-campus address or your permanent home address, depending on where you plan to vote.
  • If you do not have an Illinois Driver’s License, you can register to vote by mail using TurboVote or in person on or before election day.

You can also register at any polling place when you go to vote, just bring your State ID (even if you are not from Illinois) or I-Card and proof of your residency, which could be a bill sent to your address, your lease or University Housing contract. You can learn more about specific documentation requirements here: Acceptable Forms Of ID & Address Verification | Champaign County Clerk

Check if You are Registered

Head to TurboVote, select “Check Your Registration,” and enter the address you believe you are registered to vote at.

Update Your Registration

Moved recently? Head to the Illinois Voter Registration website if you are already registered to vote in Illinois and follow the steps there to update your address or other details.

Registered to vote in a different state? Head to TurboVote and follow the steps to check your registration. Once your registration is confirmed, select re-register and follow the steps to update your information.

Out-of-State Students

University of Illinois Students not from Illinois ARE eligible to vote on campus if they are interested. Alternatively, students are also welcome to register in their home state. Please note that an Illinois Driver’s License is required to register online. Those without an Illinois Driver’s License can register by mail, in the Champaign County Clerk’s office, or at polling places that allow same-day registration using your I-Card or State ID and a copy of your Lease or Housing Contract. Other options for registration and documentation for Illinois can be found here: Acceptable Forms Of ID & Address Verification | Champaign County Clerk. Rules for registration vary by state. If you do not intend to register in Illinois, please refer to the guidance provided on TurboVote.

Please note that you can only be registered in one state and jurisdiction, so determine where to register based on where you will be around election time. Many students choose to register in Illinois because of the convenience of on-campus polling places.