Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get registered to vote?

The process is simple, reference the registration section of our website.

Am I already registered?

Check your voter registration status using TurboVote.

I moved, can I update my address?

Yes! If you are registered in Illinois, head to the Illinois Voter Registration website to update your address or other details. Registered to vote in a different state? Head to TurboVote and follow the steps to check your registration. Once your registration is confirmed, select re-register and follow the steps to update your information.

I’m an out-of-state student, can I vote in Illinois?

Yes! However, individuals without an Illinois Driver's License or ID are unable to register online. Instead you can register by mail or in-person at voting locations across Champaign County. Students will just need to provide their State ID or I-Card and proof of residency (a piece of mail, a lease, or a University Housing Contract).

Should I register to vote in Champaign-Urbana or at my permanent residence?

Up to you! Register to vote in the area where you think you are most likely to be when election time comes around.

Can I be registered to vote in multiple locations or states?

No. You can only be registered in one location and you must have a residence in the location you plan to vote. For most students, this comes down to deciding whether you rather vote in Champaign using your on-campus address or back home using your permanent home address.

What documentation do I need if registering in-person at a voting location?

Bring your I-Card or State ID/Driver’s license and a lease or housing contract. You can find more options for documentation here: Acceptable Forms Of ID & Address Verification | Champaign County Clerk

I have a disability, will I still be able to vote?

Yes! Polling places are required by the Americans with Disabilities act to provide accommodations. If you are unable to make it out to vote, you can also request a ballot to vote by mail.

I won’t be around where I’m registered to vote on election day, can I still participate?

Yes! Using an early voting location or by requesting a mail-in ballot you can ensure your voice is heard.

How can I prepare to vote?

Sample ballots will be available 40 days before the election. In Champaign County, they can be found here: My Voting Information | Champaign County Clerk

In addition, you can plan your vote ahead of time using free online resources like Ballot Ready.