Now that you have Registered and Researched, it's time to vote! Rules surrounding Voter ID requirements, polling places, voting by mail, and early voting vary by state. A good place to start is with a voter guide for your state, which can be found at the Campus Vote Project. These guides will give you an idea of what options are available to you based on the state you will be voting in..

For those voting in most states, you have three options to cast your vote: By mail, in-person before election day, or in-person on election day. We have linked a couple videos below that explain these different options and what each will look like when voting in Champaign County.


Vote by Mail

It's easy, safe and secure. Start by requesting a vote-by-mail application. This application must be sent to the election authority for the jurisdiction in which you are registered.

Once your ballot is complete, mail in your election ballot or deliver it to a secure drop box. Find drop box locations in Illinois. If you are voting in a different state, refer to ballot return instructions found on that state’s election authority’s website, which can be found here: Other States


Voting In-Person

Voting in-person is quick and easy and can be completed on election day at your designated polling place or at a number of early voting locations.