Now that you are registered, the next step is to Research ahead of election day. Research includes familiarizing yourself with what will be on the ballot, learning about each candidate and office, and getting ready to vote based on what is important to you. Luckily, there are dozens of free resources that allow you to do this research and even prepare a ballot to guide your vote on election day. Below you will find some of our favorite resources:

When We All Vote

When we all vote is a non-profit organization focused on encouraging and increasing voter participation in the United States. The services available on their website include:

  • Polling place and voting information
  • Details on what will be on your ballot
  • Information on your rights when voting
  • An election protection hotline to report any electioneering or voter suppression

Ballot Ready

Ballot Ready is an easy-to-use resource that allows voters to view what will appear on their ballot, learn more about each candidate, and even create a sample ballot to reference while voting. This website includes:

  • Resources to check your voter registration
  • Tools to make a plan to vote
  • Information on individual candidates that will appear on the ballot

Illinois Voter Guide

The Illinois Voter guide is an online voting resource that aims to assist voters in making informed decisions regarding elections in Illinois. Their website includes:

  • Access to sample ballots
  • Additional details on the candidates you will be voting for

Vote Champaign

This website is a helpful tool for anyone voting in Champaign County. This website includes:

  • A Champaign-specific candidate guide
  • Information on events, volunteer opportunities and more throughout Champaign County.

Campus Vote Project

The Campus Vote Project provides information tailored to students voting across the country. Check out their website to:

  • Learn about the importance of student voting
  • Access a student voting toolkit
  • Get involved in promoting civic engagement on college campuses

Champaign County Clerk

This website provides critical information if you will be voting in Champaign County, including:

  • Voting Locations
  • Sample Ballots
  • And more!